Thursday, 27 October 2011

Cherok Tok Kun Relics
It has a big and smooth block of granite where it is believed that it gives bearing inspiration to the local people espeically Chinese, Jawi, English and classical Indian (Pali) in the 4th and 5th century.

Bukit Mertajam Recreational Park
It is located 18 km from the Butterworth Ferry terminal. The cool hill air encourages a variety of plants and creatures to inhabit there like ferns, epiphytes, wild flowers, exotic butterflies, birds and insects. There are also numerous of jungle tracks where it will lead to the centre of the forest.

One of the wonderful pictures I captured at Tokun.

The Rest Station

This was the unforgetable moment, I did my aerobic training there everyday once years ago.


  1. I love this place as the environment was supernatural with the trees and plants can discharge my negative energy in my body

  2. I use to go hiking and play badmintion with my family at Tokun there due to it's near to my house. There really a good place for exercising and the environment there is damn nice too.

  3. i like this place very much.........
    I used to hiking and having some activities with my uniforms body over there....
    although Im not over there now.....i still miss that place so is a good place for outdoor activities and exercising especially for Penang's people which face with the pollution all the time.......

  4. is a great place for exercise~~

  5. at there also can do leg massage