Sunday, 23 October 2011


The health benefit of playing badminton
1. increase ones HDL or good cholesterol, reduce heart disease.
2. decrease Blood Pressure as 11/8 mm Hg, reduces the burden to heart.
3. decrease the production of sugar by the liver, therefore decrease fasting blood sugar.
4. cause weight lossing.
5. improve cardiorespiratory fitness, improve sense of well-being, improve mood and self esteem.

I involved in badminton games since I was 14 years old.  I represent for school at the age of 15 for the badminton competition, Bukit Mertajam district at the age of 17 for Sukan Pulau Pinang (SUKPENS)

My first coach is Mr. Lai Sheng. He discovered my talent.

My second coach was Mr. Kuak Chin Heng (+60194523618). He was once the ex-junior player representing Malaysia.

Below is my training schedule and venue. (until now the training schedule never changed. Many young great players born there, Lee Chong Wei was one of them.)

Venue: Chin Heng's Sport Centre, Berapit.
Time: Every Monday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.
My favourite badminton court: KKM badminton court (+60164253673), St. Anne Hall & Taman Alma Jaya Badminton Court.
Janet Lim(right) is my badminton couple in mixed double event. We won the Gold Medal among all the six-form student at Bukit Mertajam Institution.
Peter Chuah(right) is my couple in men doubles event. He studies in UMSKAL. We won the Gold Medal together too. 
Games session
Final Match in IBM closed badminton competition 


  1. I like badminton much as this sport not just excercise your whole body muscles but also your brain and eyes are working together too as this game requires you to study your opponent player's movement.
    And you really a great badminton player..

  2. i also very like in plaing badminton,hope can play with u went have chance..